Years Ago Yesterday

Dedicated to the 2006 Wanakee Summer Staff

(Slightly revised from the 2004 version.)


It was years ago yesterday

We were first introduced

Then after Staff Training

On this camp we were loosed.


It was years ago yesterday

Some showed up their first time

Knowing not what was coming

Nor the great friends they’d find.


It was years ago yesterday

Some who’d been here before

Returned to be staff

For another year more.


It was years ago yesterday

That I first met you all

When we gathered together

In response to God’s call.


It was years ago yesterday

But our experiences since

Have helped us and shaped us

And made our lives rich.


Our God is an awesome God

I am still amazed to see

The miracles of love He works

Each day at Wanakee.


This experience has been

Like a grand mountaintop view

Through this place and each other

We’ve gained a perspective new.


We must come down from the mountain now

Share the great things that we’ve learned

With others in the outside world

To which we are now being returned.


Until the day we’ll meet again

As I know one day we will

Let’s live in peace and live in love

Christ’s teachings to fulfill.


None of us will forget

How this place made us feel,

Shared bonds and experience

What we lived was real.


I know I am not perfect

Nor is anyone here

Don’t forget that God forgives us

And He is always near.


Please remember what we’ve done and learned

Live in love your whole life long

As we go with grace and go with peace

Please keep faith and be strong.


I’ve one more thing to say to you

“I love you very much”

Each one of you in your own way

My heart have deeply touched.


It was years ago yesterday

We first hugged and said “Hi”

Now after so much has passed

We’ll share tearful goodbyes.


For although we are leaving

This wonderful place

Let’s not forget those who’ve passed

And who’ve grown in this space.


It was years ago yesterday

The summer’s first bell that rang

Now we leave with our memories

Of the songs that we sang.


We are adding our history

And our memories too

To this beautiful place where

We’ve grown centered and true.


Now as I wrap up this poem

With thanks to God let’s pray

For this family that formed

Years ago yesterday.

            Love, peace, and prayers,

Ben Towne

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