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A custom video for your group experience...

WBT Productions' Custom Video division will make a DVD video to commemorate the life of a particular group or experience. These can be shown at corporate banquets, farewell parties, graduations or other ceremonies, and make great gifts. Many people associate the level and quality of documentation with the value and quality in an experience:a well-documented experience will be perceived as having more value. As a gift, a video will help people remember the experiences and individuals depicted for years to come.

You provide the raw materials: photos, video clips (if desired), and information about your group. We may ask to meet with you to learn about some of the subtleties and stories within your group that make it uniquely yours. We put everything together and give you a commemorative video, and support its projection, showing and distribution if you would like.

Rates depend on the amount of raw material, the desired video length and license, purpose, and the project timeline. Click here to inquire!

We have experience with DVD graphics & formatting for TV's all over the world, including past successful packing & distribution to 4 continents.

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