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“With a friend in every country, who can go to war?”


A trip of this magnitude cannot be completed by one person's strength alone. It takes a this case, a global village. I was helped along the way not only by my travel partner, God, but a large number of helpful hosts and folks along the way.

Special Thanks:

To those who assisted with transport: Thanks for helping out with the travelling and the opportunity to get to meet an interesting!

To past hosts: Many thanks for a place to stay and the chance to see and learn about a great place, from somebody who knows it well. Travel guides and touristing can only go so far in describing or guiding to the beauty of a local area, and touristing does very little in building peace through cross-cultural connections. Your welcome and hospitality do a whole lot more on that front, and are quite appreciated!

To my parents, family, and friends back home: Thank you for your support and encouragement along every leg of this journey, even from before it began. Without you, this trip probably would not have happened and certainly would not have been as amazing as it is.

And finally, to my web host: Jim Black has graciously been hosting the WBT Productions site since it began a few years ago, providing motivation, inspiration, and support for my various web adventures. Projects like the Postkarten application and the photo gallery system (hopefully out later this year) would not have been developed without Jim's encouragement, and I would be fluent in a few less computer languages. Thanks, Jim! In lieu of advertising, Jim would like to direct you to Wanakee Radio- enjoy!

To each of these, I extend a special invitation to read the postcards sent to you, and feel free to reply!

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