Jever, Lower Saxony, Germany

Postcard dated: 11 March 2007


On the reverse of the postcard...

Hello to New Hampshire from Lower Saxony!

Today we are travelling in [the Northeast German state of] Lower Saxony, which is the state surrounding Bremen and bordering on the sea. I'm here with Silke B., visiting her parents and grandmother. Silke's parents are seeing me again, where the first time was in the US when I was 3 or 4 years old. Of course, I don't remember back to when I was that young, so for me it seemed like I was meeting them for the first time. It was quite interesting to go to a place I'd never been [their home in Lower Saxony], meet people that I don't ever recall meeting before, who speak only a different language [German], and hear them telling me stories about when I was young. They had photos too, and it was quite an interesting reunion of sorts. I had very gracious hosts this weekend!

Silke and her father brought me out to see a bit of Lower Saxony. the Nordsee and the town of Jever, to see a 'typical' town in Lower Saxony. We visited the Nordsee, although there was no water there because the tide was out…and it goes way out! We had a sunny, windy, walk on the beach before visiting the town of Jever, along with the castle and gardens there. It seems as if the ruler, Maria, who is highly celebrated there, should be taken as a role model for leadership in many places. She was also very well loved by the people, and since here disapperance many years ago, the bells of the town ring out every night in search of the people’s lost leader Maria.

The castle grounds were an extremely pleasant walk. We also strolled around in the town a bit before returning to Silke’s parents house for another very traditional and very good home-cooked German meal.

The weather is quite good here, and it's nice to see more of Northern Germany as that is the area where I'm living.

This weekend is similar in many ways to the Slovenia trip with Daša B. a few weeks ago. One interesting similarity is that my guide in both cases knows more about New Hampshire than all the rest of the Lafayette-IUB exchange students combined!

I hope things are going well back in NH (this postcard is for you!), and make sure to enjoy and take advantage of the beautiful state we have!

Grace and peace,


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