Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Postcard dated: 10 March 2007


On the reverse of the postcard...

Hello from [the North German state of] Schleswig-Holstein!

We are exploring the north German countryside today, seeing the state of Schleswig-Holstein, where Silke B. lives.

This postcard gives an example of typical architecture in this area. The wooden frame is built first, and rest is later filled in. Areas near the sea or lake have stronger 'filler' like bricks, whereas in more southern parts of Germany you just find plaster or a simliar material.

This photo is from the town of Eutin, where we stopped to walk around a bit. With the come of spring, temperatures, crocuses, and ice cream sales are all up. Many people were out for the town market and the good weather.

One street near the marketplace is so narrow that the canopies from the storefronts (yes, there were still storefronts!) touched the opposite wall, and it is difficult for one person to pass another. Somehow, that doesn't stop it from being a busy market street with people buying and selling their wares at storefronts along its length.

In Eutin we also visited a castle, surrounded by a moat, and situated near a lake.

We also drove in the more rural, beautiful areas of the state. The cliché image of rolling and hills and blue sky included in all Windows machines as a desktop background could easily have been a photo from this area.

We also visited the Ostsee, which was a lot warmer than I thought it would have been. While there, we stopped at an Italian restaurant. It was interesting to read a menu printed in one language that is foreign to me (Italian), helpfully translated into German (another language that is still foreign to me). Welcome to travelling!

Grace and peace,


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