Hannover, Germany

Postcard dated: 2 March 2007


On the reverse of the postcard...

Hi from Hannover, a "trade-fair city" just over an hour's train ride from Bremen!

In Hannover, we (Martha W. of the Lafayette-IUB exchange group and I) walked along the "Red Thread," a red line around the city that goes by many of the major or interesting sights of the old town. This is the town hall, which is quite nice both inside and out, and it was fun to explore. Our next stop was a nearby art museum that happened to offer free entry that day, so we got to see some quite interesting artifacts from Egypt and Rome and other parts of ancient Europe.

After that, we headed to the Herrenhauser Gartens, where we explored Großer Garten (largest gardens). With a little imagination (of it not being winter), the place is a fantastically beautiful gardens to walk through...one could easily spend a day and still not walk through the whole gardens. Given a little imagination, we could see it being the "perfect" place to spend a warm evening, with the fountains, flowers, music, etc. Martha plans to come back in the spring...who knows if I'll join her here again!

Grace and peace,


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