Postcard dated: 24 February 2007


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Greetings from the beautiful country of Slovenia! If you haven't heard of this country, it's a small one just east of Italy and south of Austria. Several parts of this country are labeled by a variety of sources as "The most beautiful __[whatever it is]__ in the world."

This photo was taken in the town of Bled, on a sparkling lake nestled among the Julian Alps. The church in this picture is on a small island, which you can see the entire width of in the photo. The only way to get there is by boat or swimming, and we (Slovenian-resident friend Daša, and I) took a smooth rowed gondala ride out to the island and rang the Bell of Wishes. The interior of the church is ornately decorated with gold and religous artifacts characteristic of the largely Roman Catholic population.

Elsewhere in Slovenia, we visited the old town of Skofja Loka. Every town in Slovenia has its own castle! We also visited Triglav National Park, quite near to where this photo was taken, a beatiful area of the Alps. Finally, we visited the capital city of Ljubliana (pop. 265,000) and toured its castle.

With natural wonders and amazing beauty at every turn, it's quite apparent why almost nobody wants to leave this place!

Grace and peace,


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