Prague, Czech Republic

Postcard dated: 21 July 2007


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Greetings from Praha!

Though I was only here for "one short day," I have begun to appreciate just how beautiful the city of Prague is. The architecture, the buildings, the streets, the bridges, the castle, all is exceptional. The famous astrological clock is especially beautiful, but it's hard to raise much above the average within Prague because it's at ceiling for a beautiful city.

The apparent downside to visiting here is that the city (especially the old center) is completely overrun by tourists. This is so bad that many places have signs in English first and then Czech, or in some of the worst cases English only. Everything ranks about 11 out of 10 on the tourist meter, but the city seems to handle it fairly well. It's almost as if this is one zone designated just for tourists, a city just for visiting and appreciating the beauty and architecture that even ignorant and disrespectful tourist crowds can't destroy. It's a city set aside just for tourism, but since everybody knows that by now, it's OK!

The Czech food that I had here was quite good. Also note that prices can drop by a factor of 4 when you walk a few blocks away from the main tourist centers and routes...a tip in case you visit!

Next stop Frankfurt (am Main) in southern Germany, and then to Bremen for a flight to the Jamboree!

Grace and peace,


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