Ancient Corinth, Greece

Postcard dated: 19 June 2007


On the reverse of the postcard...

Hello from Ancient Corinth!

Ancient Corinth is a few kilometers out from modern Corinth, but for someone travelling in the footsteps of Paul it was much more interesting. The night before, I camped at a site outside Corinth which is right on Corinth Bay. It was a long hot walk into ancient Corinth, assisted by a helpful driver, but Paul had to walk that long way too. The church he wrote to is this one in the photo, and on the white pillar near the center of the photo one can read 1 Corinthians 8:1-13 in any of four languages (one on each side). In a true sign of modernization, even the church in Corinth that Paul wrote to now has air conditioning. It is still (or again!?) a living church!

In the foreground of this photo you see the ruins of ancient Corinth. This is an active archeological site and did not feel very touristy at all despite its great historical significance. It must be off the beaten path describe in the typical guidebooks and bus routes, so only travellers get to visit.

There is still a freestanding structure of significant size here, the Temple of Apollo. (Click on "See Me Here" below to see it.) Ancient ruins, thousands of years old, you could see and feel with your own hands.

From here, I'll be heading West over towards Italy...I'll write again later!

Grace and peace,


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