London, England

Postcard dated: 10 August 2007


On the reverse of the postcard...

Welcome back to the English-speaking world at last!

This photo is of Westminster Abbey. If you recognize the shot, it's because this is where all the world media goes to take photos when the Queen comes to Westminster Abbey.

I came to London in my typical goals of being "a traveller, not a tourist," wandered around and eventually found myself in the tourism center of London - the London Eye, Big Ben, and Westminister. Instead of joining a LONG LINE of tourists to pay way too much to go in and see YET ANOTHER cathedral, I went across the street to a building called "The Methodist Center." (For those who don't know, I am a member of the United Methodist Church.) I was one of just a few people in the whole building, which was just as amazing if not moreso for its uniqueness and history. This meant a free, in-depth, guided tour from the host there. I learned the History of the English Peoples, as well as relearning the history of the Methodist church and the building's history itself. That is where the UN first met, it was home to the first public performance of an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical ("Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"), it still serves quite a wide variety of uses - church, conference center, examination hall, etc. and is used almost every day. Our guide then brought us out onto this balcony- what a surprise! Near that door is a round room with a glass roof shaped somewhat like a satellite dish. If you stand in the center of the room and speak, you hear yourself instantly as if you had a microphone and a large speaker system, as in a huge arena. Everyone else sounds normal to you, and you sound normal to everyone else- but it's a really cool effect! Click here for a sound sample, which only partly does it justice.

There are amazing treasures hidden just out of the way of normal traffic...if only you go and find them!

Grace and peace,


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