Berlin, Germany

Postcard dated: 18 February 2007


On the reverse of the postcard...

Many greetings from Berlin!

We are having a grand time here in Germany’s capital, a living museum with 3,350,000 residents and a lot to offer the present-day visitor. The photo on this postcard is of the Brandenburg Gate, symbolic during the time of the Berlin Wall (which crossed right in front of it) as a very visible symbol of the Wall's effects - a gate you can't use. Today we toured a magnificent palaces in Potsdam, after I climbed the statue-of-liberty-like Victory Tower for a view over the city to start the day. Yesterday we toured the “transparent, functional, long perspective” Parliament building. The red carpets are rolled out for the world’s largest film festival, and we saw a 3D IMAX on Friday. The weather is nice and we’re having great fun!

Grace and peace,


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