Flekke, Norway

Postcard dated: 5 April 2007


On the reverse of the postcard...

Hi from high in Norway!

We boarded a boat yesterday in Bergen and sailed through the North Sea fjords of Norway's west coast. We then took an amazingly beautiful bus ride (this postcard is as seen from the bus) to Flekke, where we camped the night in a mossy boulder field.

Flekke is a very little town with a single small general store/gas station/bus stop at the intersection. We hiked the next day to visit the Red Cross Nordic United World College. This was at Ian's request, as it's a sister institution of the high school program he did in Canada (where he met our host Anna, and our common friend Martha W). Then we hiked to the next town up the road, Dale. We walked around in the little village, through the churchyard, and by the bay [fjord]. It was one of those little villages with the central churches like I've seen from trains and buses, always wanting to visit but never really having a means of getting there.

The weather was not good in Dale, and we got on a bus (with a very kind driver) to spend the night in Førde, a small city farther north. Roads in this part of Norway are one-lane, two-way roads along the sides of fjords, with occasional places to pull off and allow passing. We camped on a peninsula in a center-city fjord in Førde and rode back to Bergen the next day, including a nice fjordside stopover after a ferry ride. It was quite nice to be able to set up a tent at nine-ish and still have sunlight, because of the longer days that far north. Our equivalent latitude in North America was in the Northern Canadian Territories. We weren't in the Arctic Circle, but we weren't all that far away. It was certainly the farthest north I've ever been!

The country is amazingly beautiful, the most beautiful country I've ever seen. It was fun to go camping again, and a great experience to see a country I probably would otherwise have missed completely!

My next postcard will be from back in Germany. God påske!

Grace and peace,


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