Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Postcard dated: 3 February 2007


On the reverse of the postcard...

Welcome to a city built on concentric canals, with a culture like nothing you'd find anywhere else in the world. I'm travelling this weekend with a group of 9 Lafayette students, with a few days to explore this city in beautiful weather. We've walked all up and down and around the city several times, as it is a compact city for foot exploration. Our first night, we found a small Morroccan restaurant where we had a great dinner with excellent service and the most flavorful mint tea I've had in my life.

Amsterdam is a city of cyclists and boaters. There are bicycles everywhere, with canals and old buildings taking up much of the remaining space. We took a canal boat ride as the setting golden sun reflected off all the architecture, and then went to hear a choir singing in one of the large cathedrals here.

We're having a great time and will be back for a Bremen tour on Sunday afternoon!

Grace and peace,


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