Lafayette Christian Fellowship- Fall Retreat Photos
October 7-8, 2005
I agree it's somewhat ironic that of all events, this one has no "story" with it, but this is just a share site and not photo publishing.
No photo editing or filtering was applied to improve quality.
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High overhead Room left Room right Fire reflection blurry Pencil marshmallow roasting Antler coat hanger
High overhead.jpg Room left.jpg Room right.jpg Fire reflection blurry.jpg Pencil marshmallow roasting.jpg Antler coat hanger.jpg
Blurry fun in stream Balance in stream Getting into the mud Reaching for mud Mudslinging Mud Direct hit
Blurry fun in stream.jpg Balance in stream.jpg Getting into the mud.jpg Reaching for mud.jpg Mudslinging.jpg Mud Direct hit.jpg
Muddy hug Fun in the rain Jared gets shoulder Mud down the back clearpic Flat after a mudslide Plowing through the mud action shot
Muddy hug.jpg Fun in the rain.jpg Jared gets shoulder.jpg Mud down the back clearpic.jpg Flat after a mudslide.jpg Plowing through the mud action shot.jpg
Mudslide closed face Mud dive Mud council Inspection at mud council Classicpic PinkUmbrella Passing the mud
Mudslide closed face.jpg Mud dive.jpg Mud council.jpg Inspection at mud council.jpg Classicpic PinkUmbrella.jpg Passing the mud.jpg
Muddy hug II Carry friend Group muddy Picture prep Friendlift group pic Camping shower
Muddy hug II.jpg Carry friend.jpg Group muddy.jpg Picture prep.jpg Friendlift group pic.jpg Camping shower.jpg
Cleaning off mud Shampoo commercial Doorknob off-axis Deer on wall    
Cleaning off mud.jpg Shampoo commercial.jpg Doorknob off-axis.jpg Deer on wall.jpg