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January 2006 Reconstruction trip to New Orleans!

The Coca-Cola Scholars sent a group of about 45 different people to New Orleans for flood reconstruction efforts following Hurricane Katrina. We were represented from California to Florida, Wisconsin to New Hampshire, and scholar years 1990 to 2005. A great deal of volunteer work was done, with many hours and much effort donated. About $2,000 was raised for Habitat, the efforts of Pearl River UMC (where we stayed), and other flood reconstruction efforts. More exact numbers will replace these when they come in, and you can read the story in the Times-Picayune or read Carolyn's journal entries/Ben's Trip Log describing the trip along with other relevant links below. You can see photos from the trip by using the following links:

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When cleaning up on Rat's Nest road, we found some very old documents and photos and other invaluable, irreplacable items. Chris, a Coke Scholar in our group, contacted the homeowner by the phone number spray-painted in the driveway and sent the belongings off to the family. This is the reply e-mail
Subject: Package from an angel          Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006
Hi Christopher,
Just wanted to let you know we received your package today..Most of the papers belonged to my mother who lived next door to me..A couple of the pictures in frames belong to a few neighbors and we'll see that they get them..Please let the other Coca-Cola scholars know how much we appreciate all the hard work that you did at our lot..It was very depressing to us while trying to do it ourselves and couldn't have accomplished it as fast without your hard work..Its so good to know in this sad world we live in that there are so many good people in it..We sometimes forget the good things among all the bad..Your card was deeply felt by my whole family and we are looking forward to build a new future..We will not be building our home back in Slidell, but staying in West Monroe, La. and purchase a new home.
All Our Love and Appreciation, The family

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