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This site is a display house for photos from various activities, events, and groups. Currently, only event galleries are posted, plus Postcards From Europe. Portfolio galleries will go up with a new online gallery system once coding of that software is complete (think February 2009). Event galleries are chosen for publication based on requests from others at the event, not inherent photographic quality (as the portfolio galleries will be).
From this page, you can choose your organization from the choices below, and/or read a bit of the history below. Welcome!

Postcards from Europe

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation

Lafayette Christian Fellowship

Lafayette Outdoors club

Ali and Ben Summer Backpacking trip

Wanakee United Methodist Center
Postcards from Europe Coca-Cola Scholars Lafayette Christian Fellowship Lafayette Outdoors Club A Hike to the White Mountains Wanakee United Methodist Center

History on the origin of the name:

WBT is the author's initials, short for W. "Ben" Towne. When pronounced with a few "imaginary" vowels thrown in there, you get the sound a FROG makes.

The FROG is a powerful word/image because it is a reminder to Fully Rely On God. The name WBT and WBT Productions, then, is a constant reminder of this unending source of strength and power.

One of the missions of the photography work you see on these pages is to allow people to see the beauty and presence of God in the world around all of us. Another is to shift the perspective that many people see the world through, to remind any viewer (including the author) of the variety of life experiences and perspectives that are out there; sometimes it is so easy to get wrapped up in our own little worlds that we forget the rest. Enjoy these photos, and let them be as inspiring and enjoyable for you to view as they were for me to take!

FAQ Number 1: What about the photo gallery interface and store that was supposed to be here?

Answer: I'm still working on it! More features are being added to the site, which is turning out to be a huge project with what will be a great end result. The idea that "anything worth doing is worth doing right" is in full force, and the gallery application is getting better and better. The project is being completely hand-coded using six distinct languages and dynamic generation models using parts that may be brand new to the Internet when they are deployed. Because of the project's new functionality and security features, more thorough revision and testing is needed before the application can be deployed. An overload of classes plus leadership positions in student organizations means that coding is currently on the back burner, but is has not disappeared from view and I look forward to working on it full-time this January!

A branch project has taken the Photo Gallery's place for the time being. Visit Postcards From Europe to see it!

Alpha testers are needed before the Photo Gallery's grand opening, to get a "sneak preview" of the new system and test it out. If you are interested, please contact Ben or e-mail here.

In the meantime, enjoy the existing galleries above by clicking on a logo or event link!

~Outdoors philosophy:~
~Leave only footprints; take only photographs; kill only time.~